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Vanessa James

Vanessa James

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Logistics

As Methanex Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Logistics, Ms James has been with Methanex for 20 years.

Prior to her current role, Ms James has had a number of senior roles with Methanex, and her most prior role was Vice President Marketing and Logistics, North America where she was responsible for managing and leading Methanex' commercial marketing and logistics operations for North America, based in Dallas.

In her current role Ms James oversees Methanex' marketing and logistics operations globally including Waterfront Shipping (Methanex wholly owned shipping company). Her responsibilities also include executive oversight of Methanex' manufacturing operations in New Zealand and Ms James is a member of Methanex Executive Leadership Team

Ms James graduated from Waikato University, New Zealand with a Bachelor of Management Studies (Hons) in 1991 and worked in the Investment Banking sector prior to joining Methanex.

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