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Zhou Jing Ting

Zhou Jing Ting (Ares Zhou)
As the chairman of Shanghai Hefu Artificial Intelligence Group

As the chairman of Shanghai Hefu Artificial Intelligence Group, Zhou Jing Ting (Ares Zhou) is the applying expert and outstanding representative in the field of artificial Intelligence. Ares Zhou was selected as China economy person and China philanthropist of the year 2016. He holds the position of the visiting professor of Si Chuan University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC),the director of UESTC- Hefu institute, the chairman of China Coal Industry Safety Production Alliance, the founder of UESTC- Hefu- Lin Gang maker space which is the first large -scale maker space in 985 universities in China.
In addition, Ares Zhou is the only private entrepreneur received by national leader in the World Robot Conference.
Hefu Group, founded by Ares Zhou, possesses the world first-class AI robot manufacturing technology to be the first cross-industry AI overall solution provider and the managing provider of science and technology innovation industry in China.

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