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Qingcheng Liu

Qingcheng Liu
Chairman of Chairman of GTS group


Qingcheng Liu,born on February,1973,doctorate,CPC members,representative of the Thirteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China of Liaocheng city,
representative of Seventeenth Congress of the Communist Party of China of Gaotang county,
Member of the third council of Shandong glorious career promotion association,vice present of the tenth executive committee of Liaocheng confederation of trade unions,won honorary titles such as Non public economic Excellent builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics.Leading talent of water city.Gaotang economist and so on .Founded Shandong Tiantai steel-plastic Co.,Ltd in 2005,he is Chairman of GTS group now.
Gave up teaching and started his own business from 2005,Shandong Tiantai steel-plastic Co.,Ltd that he founded has become an oversea listed national high-tech enterprise, which set R&D,design,producing ,selling,logistic in one.
In the past decade,he built a nationally renowned lubricant brand -OGISTAR ,the company became the first oversea listed private enterprise of Liaocheng.He explored the integration and innovation of enterprise management and modern marketing model,updated the traditional chemical technology,he emphasizes technical R&D,owns a series of independent intellectual property rights.As the head of GTS group,Qingcheng Liu let his lubricant sold on Jingdong Mall,his ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite are exported to more than 20 countries and areas in  Europe,America,Asia ,Africa and Australia.
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