Hu Zhongming

Chairman and Party Secretary of Juhua Group Co., Ltd.

Hu Zhongming, male, born in October 1964 in Ningbo, Zhejiang, graduated from economic geography(city planning) major in Geography Department of Hangzhou University, MPA from Illinois Institute of Technology, senior economist and member of the Communist Party of China.

He began to work in July 1985, served as clerk in Development Strategy Department of Zhejiang Provincial Economic Research Center, deputy director clerk in Industry Department of same center, director clerk of circulation system department of Zhejiang Economic Reform Committee, assistant mayor of Shangyu City、Party members, Deputy Director of Market Circulation System Department in Zhejiang Economic System Reform Commission(presiding), Party member of Zhejiang Economic System Reform Leading Group Office, Director of Secretary of Administration Department, Vice General Manager and Party member of Zhejiang Changguang (Group) Co. Ltd., Party member of Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, vice mayor of Quzhou Municipal People's Government, Party members, deputy secretary of Party Group.

Since August 2014, he served as standing member of the CPC Quzhou Municipal Committee, chairman and party secretary of Juhua Group Co., Ltd., chairman of Juhua Co., Ltd. At the same time, concurrently acted as Chairman of China Electronic Chemical New Materials Industry Alliance, Chairman of Zhejiang Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.


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