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Registration fee can be paid via online payment and bank remittance.




Registration fee for domestic delegates:


2020 (The 11th) China Petroleum and Chemical International (CPCIC 2020)

Early Bird Registration Fee

Before August 30, 2020

Late Registration Fee

From August 31 to September 7, 2020

Delegate USD 1000 USD 1200


Please note:
1. 2020 (The 11th) China Petroleum and Chemical International (CPCIC 2020) registration fee includes the access to plenary session, symposium, exhibition, welcome reception, gala dinner, luncheons and tea breaks, and conference printing collaterals. Accommodation and transportation fees will be at delegates’ own cost.
2. Only successful payment of registration fee can lead to successful conference registration.
3. To enjoy preferential price for early registration, please finish registration and remittance before the deadline of preferential registration. If the remittance fails to arrive before the deadline, the applicant cannot claim preferential registration price.
4. Please note, if your remittance info is incomplete or inaccurate, it will result in inability to identify the source of this remittance amount. If you make bank transfer, please make sure to provide bank remittance slip as evidence, so as to help track down the amount. Please send the remittance slip, registration number along with the full name used in the registration to the following address registration@cpcic.org.cn. Once it is confirmed as your remittance, the registration can be confirmed immediately

How to register
Online registration will open in May 2020.
For delegates who are unable to make online registration, please contact the conference affair group to inquire how to register. We do not accept telephone registration.
Tel: +86-18702107192
E-mail: registration@cpcic.org.cn.

Registration confirmation
After registration form is submitted and the registration fee is paid, the attending delegate will receive a written e-mail of confirmation. Please produce your ID card or name card when you arrive at the check-in desk at the conference site, and collect conference certificate and materials.

Conference cancellation and refund policy
Conference cancellation and refund policy: Cancellation of registration must be lodged in writing to the Organizing Committee. Refund will be handled after the conference. Refund formality fee will be collected from the paid registration fee, and the 10% conference management fee will be deducted from the registration fee already paid. Refund applications after August 30 will not be accepted. No extra fee will be charged for change of the name of registration personnel, but written application must be submitted.



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