Shang Jianxuan

Deputy General Manager, Shaanxi Coal
and Chemical Industry

Shang Jianxuan, Male, Han, born in 1965, Changyuan, Henan Province. He holds a bachelor's degree in coal chemical engineering from East China University of Science and Technology, a master's degree in mining 
engineering, a doctor's degree in management science and Engineering, and a senior engineer at the professor level. He is currently a member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry. He also serves as director of the state key laboratory of Energy and coal quality and clean transformation, director of the state local joint construction engineering center for green, safe and efficient coal mining, and vice-president of the China Energy Society, deputy Director of the Coal Chemical Industry Committee of the China Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Industry, vice chairman of the Shaanxi 
Chemical Industry Society, editorial board of China Coal Chemical Industry, deputy editor-in-chief of coal chemical industry, visiting professor of Taiyuan University of Technology, east China University of Science and 
Technology is an adjunct professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University and a scholar of Sanqin in Shaanxi Province. He has participated in the research of China's coal clean, efficient, sustainable development and Utilization 
Strategy, energy Golden Triangle's coal resources development strategy, and China's energy production and consumption revolution strategy, which were sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, presided 
over the National Key R & D Plan 2, won the provincial and ministerial first prize 7.

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