Li Shousheng

Chairman, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Tian Jinghui

Vice President of the PetroChina Company Limited

Yu Xizhi

Director of Sinopec Group; Vice President of Sinopec Corp.

Sun Fujie

Vice President of CNOOC Limited

Zhong Ren

Deputy General Manager, Sinochem Holdings Corporation Ltd.

Liu Jiaqiang

President of CNCEC

Zhang Jiming

Assistant to General Manager, China Energy Investment CorporationLimited.

Lan Jianwen

Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanxi Yanchang

Hu Zhongming

Chairman of Board, Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group Co., Ltd.

Zhou Liyang

Standing member of CPC Quzhou Committee, Chairman of Juhua Group
Co., Chairman of Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd.

Wang Junming

Chairman of Board, Tianjin Bohai Chemical Group Co., Ltd (BCIG)

Liu Xunfeng

Chairman of Board, Shanghai Huayi Group Corporation Limited

Shang Jianxuan

Deputy General Manager, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry

Li Jianwei

Executive Vice President & Member of Party Committee of Yibin Tianyuan Group Co.,Ltd

Xu Xinrong

Secretary of the Party Committee, Company Director, KSEC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiang Jiongjiong


Chen Shiliang

Chairman of the Board, TongKun Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Chu Jian

Founder , SUPCON Group
Founder & President, Ningbo Industrial Internet Institute

Song Jianbo

Chairman of the board of Nanshan Group Co., Ltd
Chairman of the board of Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co., Ltd

Li Nanjing

General Manager and Party Secretary, Kingfa SCL.&TECH.CO,LTD

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