Previous Grand Occasion

(1)Characteristic Main Venue: International Production Capacity Cooperation Plenary Session




(2)Characteristic Main Venue: Plenary Session-Defining the Future - 2030 and Beyond




(3)Characteristic Parallel Session: Mayors' Forum: Competing for Chemical Cluster



(4)Characteristic Parallel Session: ICCA-UN Environment - CPCIF Symposium on Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste and the Circular Economy



(5)Characteristic Parallel Session: China-Japan Chemical Industry Convention (CJCIC) Plenary Session



(6)Characteristic Parallel Session: CEO Roundtable Meeting and Welcome Dinner



(7)Characteristic Parallel Session: FUHUA Night Chats & Launching Ceremony of the Report on 2030 & Beyond



(8)Characteristic Coffee Break: 







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