Li Yunpeng

Party Secretary of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Yu Baocai

Member of the Leading Party Member Group,
Vice President of Sinopec Group,
President of Sinopec Corp.

Yang Weisheng

Chief Engineer of PetroChina,
Executive Director, President and Deputy Secretary
of the Party Committee of PRI(Petrochemical Research Institure)

Huo Jian

China National Offshore Oil Corp.
Vice President, Party Leadership Group Member

Zhang Fang

Sinochem Holdings Co.,
Ltd Vice President,CTO

Yan Guochun

Deputy Chief Engineer of CHN Energy Investment Group Limited Liability
Company and the Director of the Chemical Industry Management Department

Wen Gang

Master of Engineering in Project Management, a senior engineer,
a senior economist, and an expert with special allowances from the State Council.

PANG Guanglian

Executive Board Member, Vice Secretary General, CPCIF
Secretary General of Committee of Multinationals, CPCIF
Secretary General of the Going Global Confederation of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry
Chairman & President, ProChem Resources Int’l Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Wang Yongxin

President of China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd.

GU Lili

Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Huayi Group Co., Ltd

Zhou Liyang

Chairman of Juhua Group Corporation
Standing Member of CPC Quzhou Committee
Chairman of Zhejiang Petroleum& Chemical Industry Association

Yang Zhenghong

Vice President of WZ Group

Liu Haijun

Member of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd.,
Executive Deputy General manager of Xi 'an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd.,
General Manager of Shaangu Power Engineering Technology Branch, and Chairman of Shaangu EKOL

Chu Jian

SUPCON Group, Founder
Ningbo Industrial Internet Institute, Founder & President

Chen Jianhua

Chairman and President, Hengli Group Co., Ltd.

Xiang Jiong Jiong

Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group Co.,Ltd. Vice Chairman



You Feiyu

Chairman of Huafon Group

Yang Weidong

Satellite Chemical Co., Ltd. Chairman and President

Mathews Zhuang

Chairman and President of XIN FENGMING Group Co.,Ltd.
Master of Business Administration, Tsinghua University

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