2019 Grand Occasion

(1) Joint CPCIF-ICCA- UN Environment Circular Economy Workshop: Closing the loop:A Journey from Plastic Waste to Value

From the beginning of its birth, plastics undertook the missio¬n of replacing ivory billiards. From the invention of natural cellulose by American printing worker Hayat in 1869 to the phenolic resin made by Beckland in 1909, and then to modern synthetic materials, ranging from food packaging to automobile, aircraft parts, plastic has become an irreplaceable material in our life. However, due to the lack of scientific management and treatment of plastic materials, we are facing an increasingly serious problem of plastic waste.

As the beginning of the plastic industry chain, how can the chemical industry contribute to the solution of the plastic waste problem? What difficulties do each link of plastic ecological chain management face at present? Will ecological design, high-value recycle or hot-debated chemical recycling technology work? Let's have a discussion in the Joint CPCIF- ICCA- UN Environment Circular Economy Workshop: Closing the loop:A Journey from Plastic Waste to Value.


(2) Mayors' Forum

With the transformation and upgrading of the economic development model, in the continuously improved business environment, the construction of zero-waste and the future energy development as important paths to achieve high-quality development have been included in the development plan by more and more cities. Creating a world-class business environment, complying with the new trend of economic globalization, and protecting the legitimate rights of foreign investment companies will not only help stabilize market expectations, stimulate the vitality of market players, but also help attract foreign investment and enhance economic development competitiveness. Promote the construction of zero-waste, linking the comprehensive management level of upgrading solid waste with the promotion of urban supply side reform, and organic integration with urban construction and management. Zero-wast construction will accelerate the formation of spatial pattern, industrial structure and industrial production mode for saving resources and protecting the environment, improve the level of urban green development. Future energy utilization will present a diversified and clean development trend. The energy structure is also undergoing deep adjustment, accelerating the layout and development of the future energy is of great significance to cultivate new economic growth points, promote industrial structure upgrading, and transform the economic development mode.

The Mayor's Forum attracts city executives and leaders of the world's top petrochemical enterprises every year. The Forum contents sessions of Highlight focusing, Communicating, MOU signing, experience sharing and the combination of management insight and industrial development, bringing local executives and leaders with numerous investment opportunities, new ideas and formulations of industrial development management, and with the promotion of enterprises’ investments in China. The 2019 Mayor's Forum focused on the theme of “Future Energy·Business Environment·Zero-waste”. Looking forward to the development direction of future energy, building a first-class business environment, sharing management experiences and sustainable development concepts, assisting the common development of cities and investment enterprises in the new era.


(3) 10th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony


(4) CEO Roundtable Meeting

Nearly 100 leaders from petroleum and chemical industries gather besides the West Lake, to discuss China's new positioning in the undergoing restructuring of the global value chain, and the role of sustainable development in China petroleum and chemical industry's future.


(5) International Production Capacity Cooperation Plenary Session

Focusing on the “Expending Opening Up”, this Going Global session will gather senior officials from NDRC, MIIT and Mofcom to interpret the recent incentive policies relating to the international production capacity cooperation, and “Super Star” companies of this field will also share their best practices and experiences like CNCEC and Wison. The leadership of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation will also point out the direction for the industry in view of the achievements and future guidance of international capacity cooperation in recent years. The intensifying trade war between China and the United States has also brought great impact on the petrochemical industry. Mr. Calvin M. Dooley, also brings his unique perspective to see what impact the Sino-US trade war will bring to the global industry, and to point out the labyrinth for the industry. In the critical period of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the transformation strategy of European chemical industry will become the "stone of another mountain" as an important reference for our planning, Europe. Marco Mensink, Director-General of Cefic, will share the Cefic 2050 Vision, which has just come into being. It will certainly refresh everyone's eyes. A high-level dialogue will bring together stakeholders such as plastic producers, consumer goods representatives, waste disposers, industry associations and government agencies. We will focus on the closed-loop management of "plastic waste", share the best practices and experiences of the industry, look forward to the rooting of AEPW in Asia, find the solutions to the problems of marine litter and on-land white pollution that plague the world. Making the SDG 2030 true, we are working together!



(6) Plenary Session: Empowering High-Quality Development

The plenary session will follow closely on the recent trend of transform “from volume to strength” with the very focus on the high quality development. With the rapid change of global scheme, the uncertainty level has continue to update its peak value, which results in the drastic increase of external challenges along the development route of Chinese economy. At the same time, the transformation of the mode of economic development, the optimization of economic structure, and the promotion of high-quality development in China have entered a critical stage of overcoming difficulties that is particularly necessary to make arduous efforts to fight for these three major battles. In the environment of various uncertainties, how to ensure the high-quality development has become a major concern of our industry. Senior leaders of the well-known petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad will provide their own perception of high-quality development from different angles, such as Sinopec, Sinochem, Juhua Group, LG Chem, Cabot to name of few.

At the same time, Sino-US trade wars, trade disputes between Japan and South Korea, and trade frictions between the United States and Europe have all changed the global supply chain and production chain. Manufacturing enterprises in emerging economies at the low and middle end of the value chain are driven by innovation. By accumulating and seeking capabilities, they can break the international division of labour dominated by enterprises in developed countries and take a foothold in the whole world. Utilizing the current global allocation of resources and heading to the high-end development of the value chain, it allows them promote structural changes in the global competition pattern. In this context, how to reconstruct the "global value chain" has become a difficult problem for every enterprise. Minister Long Yongtu, the first person in China's WTO accession negotiations, will come out again and host a high-end interview program "Reconstructing Global Value Chain". Executives of state-owned, private and foreign enterprises will talk about the "reconstruction of global value chain" in their eyes, discuss the "fog crossing in uncertain environment" and seek the best global price, which will definitely resonate with all the business managers present here! Only those who can successfully "reconstruct the global value chain" can find the golden key to high-quality development!



(7) Special Coffee Break





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