Program At-a-Glance
Time Agenda
Sep 11th  (Tue)
09:00-17:00 Workshop: UNEP Low Carbon and Circular Economy
14:00-17:00 Mayors' Forum: Competing for Chemical Cluster
15:00-17:00 China-Japan Policy Dialogue
General Assembly and Council of the Going Global Confederation of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry
Sep 12th (Wed)
09:00-17:00 Workshop: UNEP Low Carbon and Circular Economy
09:00-12:00 International Production Capacity Cooperation Plenary Session
09:00-12:00 Sino-Japan Chemical Industry Convention Plenary Session
14:00-20:00 CEO Roundtable Meeting and Welcome Dinner
14:00-18:00 International Production Capacity Cooperation  Themed Session:Finance Session
Workshop: China - Japan Chemical Industry Convention Themed Session: Climate Change
Market Session 1
Digital and AI Session
14:00-20:00 Le Shan Day
Sep 13th  (Thu)
09:00-12:00 Plenary Session-Defining the Future - 2030 and Beyond
14:00-17:30 Green Mobility: Future Application of Advanced Materials 
Market Session 2 (IHS)
Innovation Session
13:00-20:00 Day Trip
14:00-17:30 BDO/GBL Workshop (TBD)
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