Dear Colleagues and Friends,


Welcome to the 15th China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference (CPCIC)! The 15th CPCIC will be held in Yantai from September 9 to 14, 2024.

CPCIC (China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference) is the most valuable and the highest level annual international conference of strongest influence in China's petrochemical industry hosted by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), with close cooperation with provincial and municipal governments and international consultant corporations. It has been evolving for fifteen years since it was firstly held in 2010. Today’s CPCIC has been committing to serve as an annual event, with its position “Foresee, Lead, Insight and high-level”, its mainstay “Market, Strategy, Innovation and Sustainable Development”, and its identity “International, High-Scaled and Influential”. With an objective look at the current situation and challenges China and the global petroleum and chemical industry encountered with and helping enterprises with finding development directions and opportunities as its goal, CPCIC now becomes one of the three flagship global Conferences within the industry.

With this year’s theme “Forging New Competitiveness under the Great Transformation”, the 15th CPCIC plans to focus on the new driving force and growth of global economic development, the resilient development and reconstruction of supply chain, the combination of industry and finance, the Green BRI and ESG, plastic circular economy, regional economic integration, sustainable development, new energy resource and new material, energy storage and battery, digital and intelligent, and other related contents. Meanwhile, the conference also held CEO Roundtable meeting, China-Japan chemical dialogue, production capacity cooperation conference, press conference, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, Mayor’s Forum, global supply chain forum, future energy conference, female leadership forum, investment and M&A strategy forum and battery material development international forum, which will be added to focus on the development of green petrochemical industry.

Thank you again for taking the time to attend this conference where we let our insightful ideas meet and learn from each other, form consensus, study the new landscape and trends, analyze new contradictions and challenges in the future, and contribute to the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry!


Li Yunpeng
Party Secretary of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation


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