Dear colleagues and friends,


Thank you for your interest in 2018 The 9th China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference.

As the national organization voicing the interest of petroleum and chemical industry, we are privileged to establish this high-profile conference with significant global influence in close cooperation with key stakeholders to this industry. Since its birth, the China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference has been committing to serve as an inclusive cooperation platform to engage foremost policy makers, business leaders, experts from academic institutions and international organizations for sharing their wisdom and insights, for generating constructive debates and empowering strategic decision making, thus to help leaders better prepared for challenges as well as opportunities facing the petroleum and chemical industry.

Themed as “Defining the Future-2030 & Beyond”, 2018 The 9th China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference will cover crucial topics including The Belt and Road Initiative: China Initiative, Worldwide Opportunities; "Going West" Strategy for Multinationals; Industrial Guideline Regarding Climate Change, Low Carbon and Circular Economy, Green and Sustainable Development; Resolution of Air Pollution prevention, Restoration of the image of Chemical industry; Future Application of Advanced Materials and New Energy in the fields of Green Mobility; Upcoming Investment Highlights: Innovative Combination of Production and Finance. Meanwhile, parallel session like ‘2018 the 2nd China Petroleum and Chemical International Production Capacity Cooperation Conference’, ‘2018 the 3rd Global Summit on Chemical Safety and Security’, China-Japan Policy Dialogue and other complementary sub-meetings and exhibitions will be held to better satisfy the need for international cooperation of the said industry.

On behalf of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, I cordially invite you to attend this conference and to play a part in the healthy development of the industry.




Li Shousheng
Chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation


Previous VIP

  • Li Shousheng

    Chairman & Party Secretary, CPCIF

  • Fu Xiangsheng

    Vice Chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

  • Lei Dianwu

    The Board Secretary and Chief Economist of Sinopec Group

  • Chen Bi

    Vice President, Party Leadership Group Member

  • Ling Wen

    Deputy Secretary of the CPC Leading Group
    President & CEO of Shenhua Group Corporation (temporarily in charge of Shenhua Group’s overall work)

  • Zhang Chun

    President, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Development Co., Ltd.

  • Yu Dahai

    Special Advisor of the Going Global Confederation of China’s Petroleum & Chemical Industry
    Operating Partner, Advent International;

  • Hu Zhongming

    Chairman of China Electronic Chemical New Materials Industry Alliance
    Chairman of Zhejiang Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association

  • Shuirong Li


  • Wang Jinshu

    Chairman of Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Chairman of Yuhuang Chemical Inc.

  • Zhou Jing Ting

    As the chairman of Shanghai Hefu Artificial Intelligence Group

  • Krzysztof PATUREJ

    Ambassador Titular at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

  • Hariolf Kottmann

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Chairman Executive Committee
    Clariant International Ltd.

  • Jan Kreibaum


  • Mark Eramo

    Vice President, Global Business Development
    IHS Chemical

  • Lim Yoke Loon

    President, Greater China
    Chemical Company

  • Mark Oberle

    Senior Vice President, Asia

  • Ming Cheng Chien

    CEO of LANXESS Greater China

  • Simon Maddren

    Corporate Vice President and President, Methanex Asia Pacific

  • Ke Lin

    President of Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection & New Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Zhu Jianmin

    the president of Oxiranchem Group Corp.
    the president and CEO of Liaoning Oxiranchem Inc.

  • Sun Hengchao

    the Chairman of the Board of Directors and President in Baota Petrochemical Group

  • Qingcheng Liu

     Chairman of Chairman of GTS group

  • Song Xiaoling

    The secretary of the party committee and the chairman of the board of Xinjiang TIANYE Group Co.,ltd

  • François ABRIAL

    Executive Vice President, Shanghai Hub
    Member of the Executive Committee,
    Air Liquide Group

  • Dimitri de Vreeze

    Business Group Director DSM Resins

  • Giacomo Rispoli

    Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management & Supply and Licensing Department
    - Eni Refining & Marketing

  • Claus Rettig

    Chairman of the Board of Management, Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH

  • Uwe Nickel

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) HCS Group, Germany

  • John Brantley

    Global Chemicals & Petroleum Leader
    IBM Corporation

  • Dave Witte

    Senior Vice President at IHS
    and General Manager, IHS Chemical

  • Keisuke Takeuchi

    Principal Corporate Advisor, JGC

  • Marcin Jastrzebski

    CEO of LOTOS Group, Poland

  • Florian Budde

    a Senior Partner at the Frankfurt office

  • Vanessa James

    Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Logistics


    Chief Operating Officer
    Petro Chemicals, Reliance Industries

  • Shushichi Yoshimura

    Director of the Board
    Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer
    Chief Representative in China of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

  • Ding Mingde

    Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd.

  • Yang Yue

    Chairman and Party Committee Secretary of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.

  • Liu Xunfeng

    Chairman, Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company

  • ZHANG Wei

    Vice President of Sinochem Group

  • Li Changyun

    Chairman, Tianjin Hengyun Energy Group Co., Ltd.

  • David Stryker

    Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary

  • Guo Yan

    Vice Executive President, Tianjin Hengyun Energy Group Co., Ltd.

  • Dr. Claas-Jürgen Klasen

    President Asia Pacific North, Evonik Industries AG

  • 高礼杰


  • Ki Don Won

    SKC (Excutive Vice President) President of Chemical Biz. Division and MCNS Co-CEO

  • Qiao Guinan

     The Executive General Manager of Dalian Hermetic Pump Co., Ltd. 

  • Shoji Takao

    Chairman of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

  • Li Lei

     SABIC Vice President and Regional Head, North Asia

  • Liu Jiaqiang

    President Assistant of China National Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd.
    Vice President of China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (or known as CNCEC).

  • Ma Qingwei

    COO and CAO of China XD Plastic Company Limited
    the General Manager of Xinda CI (Beijing) Investment Holding Company Limited

  • Ma Qingwei

    COO and CAO of China XD Plastic Company Limited
    the General Manager of Xinda CI (Beijing) Investment Holding Company Limited

  • Zheng Daqing

    Senior Vice President, Business & Market Development Greater China

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